As we sit on the cusp of the one-hundred year anniversary of the discovery of insulin and the end of type 1 diabetes as a rapidly fatal illness, we are now on the cusp of the next great moment in type 1 diabetes: the end of type 1 diabetes as an all-encompassing, persistently gnawing, cognitive, emotional, and physical drain on people with type 1 or the parents of children with type 1. While the discoveries and advances of the past decades have led to massive improvements in health outcomes for type 1 diabetes, the burden of these current methods of care remains immeasurable. Although the final great discovery in type 1 diabetes, a cure, remains elusive, closed-loop insulin delivery represents the possibility of tremendous relief for the lives of millions.

This book by Dana Lewis about the development of the first DIY closed loop insulin delivery system represents the convergence of this thrilling moment in type 1 diabetes along with a pivotal moment in healthcare overall – the end of medical paternalism. Dana Lewis, writing from the patient perspective, is not the traditional author of a medical book, but represents the leading edge of a new wave in healthcare innovation. The OpenAPS and #WeAreNotWaiting movements have inspired and will show the way for the rest of healthcare in that they are patient-driven, crowdsourcing expertise from across the world, run on a stack of commodity technologies rather than a single enterprise technology, and using personalized systems and algorithms rather than one-size-fits-all treatments.

Dana’s story is captivating and raw. Her advice and tips are straightforward, practical, and hard-earned. I will immediately recommend this book not just to people looking to use a DIY closed loop system, but also to anybody looking to improve their grasp on the management of type 1 diabetes, whether patient, caregiver, or healthcare provider.

Aaron Neinstein, MD Endocrinologist, UCSF

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